Friday, September 4, 2009

writings of the self

myself as life as who i am in what i participate in in the moment. firstly there is myself as life, that which i honor as myself while observing currently who i am as what i accept and allow to not conform to any abuse as seen as self abuse which many undergo. so as for myself what is that takes place as myself is mainly realizing what it is to let go in correvtive application what one currently accepts and allows that is not seen because of reasons of past believes that one undergoes as who they are within that which one has acepted and allowed. for me it has been that i have percieved myself as been undergoing through quite a series of events which if you look at the outflow as the fruits of who i am manifest as this world as myself one can see who one currently is within their participation within this. as i saw what it was that i was creating and how it was that i made myself to be hopeless and unable to actually stop and stand within what i knew was as standing up from within what you participate it was only but an idea-a disguise. what i realize from this is that i and only i stand alone as what it is to stand up to self as self. funny how created acceptances and allowances while deny you yourself as the perception of being a personality as others as a presentation as a group acceptance and allowance and how it can take many shapes and forms but what is real and what is underneathe is self and self alone. currently that is what i am observing by myself as this world to stop all believes, perceptions as myself as who i have become until stand here all as one as breath. it has been a process that i am realizing for myself as stopping and i realize exactly how stopping is but an actual effort as willing self to remain to stand up from within the constrcts that have been made no matter what, NO CONFORMENT-STOP ALL AS ONE AND EQUAL UNTIL IT IS DONE.

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