Tuesday, September 1, 2009

writings of the self

i had work yesterday with an individual who i dont ususally work with. i descided that since i had suggested forgiveness to him once before and i felt comfortable as to talk to him about how i have been applying myself and what was going on in terms of that. i worked with him i shared about myself and what not. i was interested that he was taking courses on psycology and so i began to talk about his courses and what exactly it was that he was into. he explained bits and pieces of the mind and what he had learned while taking these courses and i was obviously interested in how he practically applyed his observations on what he had learned. there was not too much from his side except that he said that he observes that peoples tend to want to live out good experiances but stay away from the bad experiances. he went into how the mind consists of a conscious, subconscious and unconscious realm so to speak. within this i spoke to him about how i saw this in my application of life as the mind being a platform in which thoughts take place and the works. it was cool though to talk to him about what i had been accepting and allowing and how i am applying myself as breathe and so i spoke myself out to him in regards to this and how we must all stand up from dishonestys as that this is not taking us anywhere but that we are remaining stuck in time as the mind as i explained to him as expression of myself. i let him know about the principle of oness and equality through and as myself as i am and showed him myself. interesting as i allowed us to take a moment to stop and breathe. as we breathed i said to him to walk life as breathe and that the mind is uneasyandscary/unnecassary. i showed him practical ways to apply himself to walk through life as himself to build self trust and to realize when he is reacting within him, and we talked about this as i walked with him. he talked about growing up and how he wwas introduced in the christian community and how he was shun from their "community". he shared himself to me and it was cool to listen to what he had to say about his obserations with people as he explained with such a limited exsistance as what they believe in and how hypocritical he observed them to be. i was intersted in a conversation in where i notticed that church for him and a friend that had visited while we were at work talked about who they were while at church with church being church. they experianced themselves as the definition of their likes and dislikes of the church and what they expected from the church as it was defined. it was later on that i asked him how it was that in his life he saw what a "father" of the church was. he explained how the father of the church was a noble experianced man willing to sacrifise himself for the expense of giving away knowledge. how this man was to him and then he began to talk about how he would impose his believes of god unto other in seperation of himself and i looked at him and laughes because that had been what we were just talking about and he said that yes he realized what was happening. i let him know that it was cool that he was sharing and that i appreciated what he had to say. i was specific about what seperation implys and how the network of the mind does not allow one to see as self honesty because of the starting point of self dishonesty that takes place and is happening. so i can see that andrew was considering and placing words inside and as himself while i was sharing, cool. i said to andrew that we can assist each other in many ways in our observations while we share and stand up from within the mind to expose deception and whatnot. without imposing myself to andrew as i knew that andrew had question as andrew should not feel the need to conform to me and i also let him know to not take my word for anything that i say and to prove to himself in self direction what is accepted and allowed in all ways as the finite circle as the mind. "feel free to ask questions" was something that i told him and he did as he asked if this was a state of mind. EXCELLENT QUESTION! this then allowed me to share unconditionally myself as what i was applying as deleting all thought pattern behaviours as personalitys as standing up from within the mind. also an inportant thing that i went over with andrew is the realization of actual stopping as self giving self direction as self to stop the idea of stopping so that all can stop within and as himself taking on responseability for the world as himself. cool to share myself unconditionally with andrew as it revealed alot of my own self-honesty within how i have been applying myself to stop within my own acceptances and allowances and actually start living self honesty as self stopping self deception as self imposition as myself.

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