Sunday, August 23, 2009

writings of the self

ok on process and whats going on.
its been that consistancy as breathe is developing and its a something that i place here above all else you can say. almost i can say that it is sacred and so this is where i find myself. something that i have stopped is having attached believes towards and as impositions regarding people and myself. so pretty much i am here and i listen, i place words inside myself and i am and do realize when i am conjuring up the thoughtforms that i have for some time been busy creating as this mind consciousness system that i became. but yes so that has come to a stand still, meaning no more! consistancy is as i allow myself to be here and it has been that i am here not as a pattern of realities, mmm personalities but simply here. its been that each and every day consistancy is developed and it is the pause between each in and out breathe that this consistancy is formed. firstly what must be stopped is self judgement and to the recognition of self judgement. everything is here not seperate from self in a world apart from you or anything like this. so the key is to stop in the actual imposition as more of a forgiveness for what you have accepted and allowed.

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