Monday, August 17, 2009

writings of the self

if who i am does not altar in the proces of sharing insight with others regardless of their though process, i just dont see why i shouldnt stand up in this way. if i stand clear within myself and what i see its only common sence to do so. i dont see how i should conform to people and what they accept and allow because if i remain clear than that means that i am doing this for myself.
its only common sence to take everything that we consist of and bring it here where its common sence. well that is what i have been doing so far and it is just another way to talk about what is going on, to bring it here. i enjoy doing this with people. while by myself i remain here clear as the breathe and what i have talked about and what i have been able to see is that as the breathe i in a way pull myself out of my mind and i see it as a limitation, a beginning and an end of a thought pattern which i have believed, fueled and powered to exsist. and i have also thought about scenarios in where ill be as breathe after i had just percieved myself undergoing something and i think wtf? thats just fucked up.

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