Friday, August 14, 2009

writings of the self

ok the following has been happening: when i put aside all "other" stuff which is basically everything and pull in and blow out as the breathe something interesting happens. i feel life as the moment, also in regards to when talking to other people almost as everything that has been perceptions or believes mind chatter, whatever it no longer feels as imposition towards life. well so continues life as the breathe, mmmmmmm slowly but surely i push through as life as me as breathe. i have been finding that as the breathe as i have been here talking myself out that if who i am talking to is not here that they are not quite understanding what it is that i am talking about. no anythings puffing out for this matter. i have been finding myself pushing through that which i have been i would say kind of ummm holding back on, supressing myself on and its cool i would say. no difference again im saying on who i am but as i realize this is what appreciation of life is really about, the stand up.

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