Thursday, August 13, 2009

writings of the self

i have been going through desteni videos over again as i enjoy listening to all at desteniproductions. im watching the videos with jocelyn and she seems very interested, especially in the history of the portal. its not really a big deal or anything like that were just watching them as i am sharing myself and videos that i have enjoyed watching with her. when talking to jocelyn its a process that both of us are going through since she is female and i am male and so far i have not accepted and allowed myself to not stand up whenever it is that i see what is happening as i place her as myself. well what has been going on so far with jocelyn and i is this. jocelyn sees the effectiveness of applying self honesty but she is not aware of self and what self is as to stand up for herself. it is cool that jocelyn is willing to apply self honesty but at the same time jocelyn has a relationship construct so that is something that together we will have to investigate for ourselvesas for jocelyn she believes very much feelings and emotions as something that she cannot consider for herself to let go. i have not been applying breathing in every moment as self as life and this is not something that i will continue to accept and allow. many ideas pass through my head about what jocelyn is going through and how i am involved in this as how she is not able to let go of her story. breathe walking, pull it in blow it out, breath walking.

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  1. each will realize self for self and as self and things will not happen overnight. Jocelyn has to become more intimate with her, intimate with self-honesty, meaning she has to see what self-honesty is. Its beyond words. Extensive sf is necessary as it will slowly but surely brings one to a point of seeing what self-honesty is not defined as emotions or feelings. Self can not be seen by the mind and as people are of the mind, the constructs can only be released if one realize their self-honesty and stability. So you show yourself what you are influenced by in your thoughts, what is the startingpoint of these thoughts. Get intimate. Reveal yourself. If self is self, no thoughts are necessary.