Saturday, August 8, 2009

writings of the self

there is something that i see in bernard poolman that i see as myself and i have thought about this quite some while ago. bernard said that those who realize, realize that the breathe is their savior as i have realized. the other say i was walking and i began realizing that the substance that bernard speaks of is the breathe that is you, that is the substance that we have to become worthy of again so that we are not ejected after death as unworthy of the substance. i dont allow myself to come up with perceptions about life in general as i see that this is just a way for the mind to cope and feel secure and safe for itself. because i can think of a million possibilities tro continue to create exsistance as the mind as dellision but i see that this must be stopped in all ways. i can see how i have not actually ever really considered taking on all of self as who i am as the moment as to stop the mind. i have only ever actually realized stopping in but mind related aspects of my life, so defined as to my liking. so that is my test as realization as standing clear as not of mind as life as the breathe.

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