Monday, August 3, 2009

writings of the self

i have been talking with people mostly and its been interesting talking with them as we talk about stuff but its just talking ourselbves out. alot of time i see that there isno flow as to their talk but i find it funny as i do not allow this and the conversation flows. i enjoy talking with people and also correcting and stopping myself as the breathe but i must say that i have not stopped all thoughts and so this is mostly what i am enjoying of in the stopping and i see it as effective change as i can see it as my flow. i was having pain on my right testicle and it was something that i did not enjoy as i know that pain manifests because of contructs and so i began to consider what it was that was going on. firstly i began to solely focus on breathe and i layed down for alot of the day and fell asleep until later but i also dreamt alot as well. i have yet to prove to myself 21 days to freedom as i have been just allowing it to slowly come to me and this is what i have been doing. this also implyus that im waiting for something and that i am not actually willing to let go of all and consider all as well. 21 days to freedom i will begin this breathe by breathe and i will will myself as the breathe

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  1. the right testicle has something to do with the perception of manlihood, being a man.