Saturday, August 1, 2009

writings of the self

walking with myself in every moment as considering all that i acce[t and allow as myself there has been much that i am notticing in particular to pretty muvh the same things as the emotions and feelings that run my program so to speak. in the moment as i stop all participation in emotions and feelings that i have accepted and allowed as myself i allow myself as the breathe to remain and it is effective so long as i remain and no longer allow myself to go on into trains of thoughts as i have allowed to exsist as. the mind as you are is very consequential so it is very specific all and everything that manifest as you are as you as the mind, as i as the mind will not want to be seen. so what you live as is what is manifested as all that you are allowing and accepting as the illusion of yourself. stop the mind and open up all aspects of who you are in order to untangle the mind to reveal self as actual life as self in all ways.

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