Friday, July 31, 2009

writings of the self

pushing through every moment as the breathe seems as a constant thing as i still allow myself to slip on my own terms with the "ill get to it" mode popping in as i am and so i live as this. i am not attacking myself for this, no i will not accept and allow this as who i am but thoughts are occuring as they do as they project as life takes form. very smoothly and gently have i been stopping myself from definition as all life that i have taken and within this expression is flowing forth as i reveal myself and open up.

i enjoy speaking with a female being in particular so very much. i talk with her every day and i express in the moment to her what is going on and together we allow ourselves to be free from the perspective that there are no conditions that we put against each other but it is simply a matter of self honesty with ourselves and i have tooken the initiative to say myself as self honesty even when i have tooken stuff personally from my perceptions and from there on i continue being self honest. she is changing i see that she is letting go slowly but surely of this story that she has known and i have enjoyed so much listening to her expression as also i have enjoyed her when she has attempted to resist.

from this point of resistance i have not taken it personally in where i would transform myself through my own desires it has been something in where she is seeing for herself what self is and realizing in her own words what is going on and this is something that also i am assisting her with through my own insight and placing her as myself as one. thoughts have been occuring throughout yesterday of her but it has been about what i am seeing from her and what is going on from the perspective of what i am seeing. this will happen and then i realize and stop as the breath but also then this has led me to thinking about other stuff which has to do with my own personal life as i have percieved as. forgiveness has been said outloud for this and what i have forgiven myself is for this:

i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not apply myself when i am the mind as perceptions as seeing that i must reveal me to myself.

i forgive myself for acccepting and allowing myself to as the mind not want to see the real effectiveness as the living word as forgiveness said outloud.

i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not want to step out of the mind completely and stand as all as one as life.

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