Sunday, July 19, 2009

writings of the self

today was a day of difference as i am stopping going into doing stuff and also dreaming away the day as in what is becoming of reality as i create it along with others as is possible. now im doing this by breathing here and at first i fell asleep and i soon woke up. while doing this i continued to just slow down everthing and just breathe here and i realized that being present here breathing is what stops you from "zoning out" and getting sleepy. i will continue to do this and i have been wanting to write in my journal so much of what ive been thinking because i have so much to express so much inside me that i never consider, im always in polarity of what is righ and what is wrong and so i never actually give myself the chance to be here and so im going to correct. lol i never can find a pen in the moment where i pick up my journal and i have something to write but i will do something about this. well this is what i have been doing for myself today because i never take the time to breathe uncondotionally even though im always wanting to do but never actually stopping to be here. also instead making the excuse of not being able to write in my journal i will just write it out here lol.

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  1. Take a word. And write about it. Clean up/Purify yourself as that word. So If today you thinking a lot about: creating. Write about that. No inner conversations as you use the mind to figure things out and place in perspective. Get it here. Written. Or buy a voice recorder or mike, and conversate outloud about it.