Thursday, July 16, 2009

writings of the self

when it comes to expressing myself i do and i also realize that i am stopping self abuse. i was talking to a girl over the phone just now and i was enjoying myself expressing me but it went towards a different direction. i was being told that there was so much to me that i was "holding back" and that "i have to live". i did consider this as living in the moment as the moment as breathe. as she kept ranting about anger and how you must live out anger because its a natural thing and that we cannot hold it in i told her that we can correct when we feel anger in the moment to see what is behind it. that we must stop allowing anger to direct us because it is not who we really are. she kept trying to get onto something assuming that im not living enough, having enough fun. that i have to let go because that is what she at one point thought that that is what i once had told her and that she had changed. what i will do now is not to hold on to this moment but to breathe here unconditionally, thought i would write it down.

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  1. cool.

    Did you react on the statement of that you are 'holding back' and that you 'had to live', feelings,emotions,thoughts? If so, she's your mirror. Look at where you are holding back or 'have to live'. Each moment is a moment where we should live and die. Live the moment as it is the last one. This will be more and more when you have trancended systems, as it are the systems that you have allowed in yourself that keeps holding you back.

    About anger, Matti did a post where he said anger is real. meaning, its part of who we are. But not as, I am angry, but as I am anger. Anger indeed shouldnt direct us, but we can direct the anger in equality and oneness and to stand up. Bernard mentioned the use of anger to stand up as: A wounded bull going straight to their target. Exerting anger is dishonest, then you are indeed directed by anger. Though anger is unneccesary when we are all as one as equal, but at this stage you can use it to give it direction and stand up.

    Very cool, jorge.