Thursday, July 23, 2009

a walk to the gas station

today i have met a being named ray. i was walking to the gas station where he was. ray and i, we had alot of reflection within our lives as we spoke about everything that is going on within the world and expressing ourselves. ray is 49 years old as he made this quite as his presentation as what he has become and how he is presenting himself. ray had alot to say, alot to express as ray is here living and seeing all that is because ray is homeless.
ray and i spoke away for quite some while and we were and ray was expressing direct insights into what he has realized. ray realized that he cannot impose his believes and ideas about god and what not and we shared about this as i expressed myself as well as i am here living. i spoked to ray about what is here, waht are believes, what are perceptions and i also let ray know about equality and oness because to ray he could not question god because this was of lucifer and so i told ray. i spoke to ray and told him that seeing what is here ray has to consider all as one as this world and that everyone has their believes that they will fight for and whatnot.
ray realizes much as much of the insight that i told ray he was considering all as his own insight. within explaining to ray that what we create in this reality is what we are currently accepting and from here we can see that all of this shit is fucked up. i told ray that because of believes we are all seperating ourselves from the truth from here. ray saw this all for himself as well but ray did not apply immediately as ray also was under an influence and not only that but he continued about his believes and so forth. within correcting ray every time that ray could not apply himsef to see how he was allowing and that this was what was making everything complex he began to realize what seperation from self actually is.
ray was pretty set upon a saviour coming down from the clouds to save humanity but ray was not resisting what i told him about practical change to stop what is being accepted and allowed in all ways but i did nottice that what i was telling him caused him to react and associate me to lucifer because supposedly if you begin to question then this of lucifer. and so i was looking for practical ways to talk to ray about taking self resposability and not accept excuses any longer because i made ray aware that because were are all here we must consider all equally noone excluded within our participation within this reality and within this i allowed ray to realize that even his own believes must be considered.

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  1. Kinda cool conversation. The underlying problem is his religious-construct. My nickname is Ray, conincidence? lol. I had much and still some issues in regards to the saviour-construct. There's not much I can say atm. But it's really cool seeing you talking openly about oneness and equality.