Saturday, July 18, 2009

on when i exchange looks with people

always for me i have been placing myself in a position of direction for me and the world. and so i look at people and sometimes i dont. i look at people as they are me as all as being here. in specific when i can look at some people in my direct sphere of influence i now nottice that i will do it when the moment requires of it as when it is deemed so that we "must". because when i walk or lets say i am on the bus then i do not look people directly and on that situation i have been beinghere without judgement of myself on how i should be presented. still on this people is something that, when i dont place myself seperate from me then they are here and we are all here. as for looking at people there is alot of communication for both, alot of intamacy. it has happened recently that i would look at the actual design of the eyes but immediately it came back to looking at another as we were conversating in the moment as the moment. to get more specific on this, i see that we realize that we are all here and that we are all thats here and are directly responseable for ourselves that is what i see in others eyes. when people look into my eyes it is when i choose to look into theirs. because as i am i go about here and the moment flows and everything in the moment that involves other human beings observe. i direct the moment and then when people look into my eyes something they revert or get excited or expect. it has been a while since i have gotten an angry look from looking into peoples eyes. what i enjoy when i see others look into my eyes is expression as themselves because i enjoy it in the moment.

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